How Can I Know God Exists?

Have you ever wondered, Does God exist? How can I know if I can’t even see Him?
A lot of things we rely on in our daily life are invisible. Even though we can’t see them, it doesn't make them any less real.
Radio waves are a good example. They’re everywhere, all around you all the time, but they’re invisible and untouchable. So how do you know they exist? You need to use a radio.
A radio is made with a specific receiver that can receive those invisible waves. The beautiful music you hear when you use a radio proves the existence of radio waves.
It’s true God can’t be seen or touched. But you were made by God with a very specific “receiver” inside of you: your human spirit, the deepest part of your being. So how can you know God exists? You need to use your human spirit to receive and contact Him.
But there’s a huge problem in the way: sin. Soon after being created, mankind fell away from God and was corrupted by sin. The Bible tells us that without exception, all human beings are sinners. And since God is righteous, the sins you’ve committed are a barrier that prevents you from contacting and receiving Him.
Yet because of His great love for you, God did something tremendous to take care of the problem of sin. He became a man named Jesus with the express purpose of bearing the penalty for your sins. You can be forgiven of your sins and saved from eternal judgment because He suffered death in your place.
Jesus also resurrected from the dead, and as the life-giving Spirit, He’s everywhere. He’s with you right now, waiting for you to open your spirit to receive Him.
By dying for you, Jesus removed every barrier. But to receive Him, you need to repent by admitting you’re a sinner and turn to God. You must believe in Jesus and all He’s done for you. Then God will come into your spirit. You’ll have the indescribable peace and joy that come from being forgiven, and you'll know undeniably that He lives in you.
You can receive Jesus as your Savior right now by praying this simple prayer:
“Lord Jesus, I confess I’m a sinner. I repent of my sinful life. Lord, thank You for dying for me. I turn to You and receive You as my Savior. Thank You for coming into my spirit. Amen.”

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